Foo Tokyo Japan

Foo Tokyo Japan


We create a global brand based in Japan.
Using meticulous production methods and materials, we strive to provide quality fitting for a brand loved by people around the world.
We develop our products so that consumers are pleasantly surprised each time they encounter them.


During our time living abroad, we would always somehow feel proud whenever we saw a Japanese brand in another country.
However, that brand strength seems to be gradually waning these days, and we feel a sense of urgency that unless something is done our country's excellence will no longer be communicated to people.
We want more people to know what a wonderful country Japan is.
With that idea in mind, we gathered experts from several fields and founded this company.

Omotenashi (hospitality), wabi-sabi (impermanent beauty), miyabi (elegance), iki (simple sophistication).
No country other than Japan has such widely sought after aesthetic sense, while at the same time being unconscious of that sense.
Technique and delicateness, safety and peace of mind, and the technology to express them all can be found in Japan, a country of monozukuri (making things).

We believe that a brand should be an anchor for people living in future generations.
We want to provide a favorite for people from around the world to rely on.
The owners and the creators of objects should feel the joys of owning and creating, respectively.
We have created a lifestyle brand which will be handed down to the next generation and make them want to inherit it.


Masaaki Kuwabara

During undergraduate student, he studied films and musicals and experienced 1-year exchange program at Thammasat University in Thailand. Outside the university, he led international cooperation activity and engaged in apparel company as a part-timer for 2 years.
After enrolling in The University of Tokyo Graduate School, he learned Econometrics and research key success factors of cross border M&As.
After graduating from university, he joined the Investment Banking Division & Global Capital Market Division of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and advised corporate strategy, M&As, IPOs and corporate fundings for national companies.
Tokyo Fashion-technoogy Lab Brand Director Course Class of 2018.

Daiki Matsumiya
CISO / Director

After graduating from high school, he joined the Kyoto prefectural police and worked in controlling cyber crime.
After leaving the force, he enrolled in university and majored in social welfare and education. During his studies, he also worked with a large marketing company and gained business experience in sales promotion and anime rights.
After graduation, he worked at LITALICO Inc. (formerly Wingle Inc.) where he was involved in establishing a full-time section for information security and provided work support for people with disabilities.
Currently, he works at BizReach, Inc. as a security infrastructure engineer while also working as a technical expert for the Japanese Self-Defense Force reserves.
He is CISSP, an information security specialist, systems audit engineer, psychiatric social worker, and certified social worker.


Next Branders Inc
  • Apparel business
  • Beauty care business
  • Management / consulting service
    (Advisory for corporate development, succession businesses and M&As, IT Security)
December 2017
  • Masaaki Kuwabara
  • Daiki Matsumiya
49,685,000 yen (Capital reserve included)
Room 403, 1-37-7, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053, Japan
(※2021/03/01 We have moved to the following address.)